Eric Stegmaier Illustration
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Herodian Oil Lamp with Menorah Decoration
c. 100 C.E.
Northern Israel
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Pendant in the Shape of a Ruler or Lord
(c. 200-600 C.E.)
MayaIllustration of:

Inlay in the Shape of a Royal Head
332–30 B.C.
Molded glass, opaque red
Egyptian, Ptolemaic
Yale University Art Gallery 
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Sistrum with Head of Hathor
304–30 B.C.E.
Egyptian (Ptolemaic) 
Floor plan: Roman bath houseFloor plan: Fort entrance drainage systemFloor plan: Area 5000 Niche Pottery profile: Late Roman period flask.Pottery Profile: Late Roman period oil lampCoin featuring Emperor Probus- Antioch MintEtruscan Mirror- versoGreek pelikeGreek exaleiptronScene from tomb M08-09.L/T1, 18th DynastyPottery inscription (partial)
Archaeological Illustration
This page contains select illustrations from multiple archaeological excavation projects spanning my 17+ years in the field. These images are not for reproduction, and are the sole property of the artist and/or the authors of the publications they are contained within.