Eric Stegmaier Illustration
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Eric Stegmaier was born in 1980 in New Britain, CT. Upon graduating with a BFA in illustration from the Hartford Art School in 2002, Eric worked as an archaeological illustrator for several excavations in the Middle East. His academic interests in religion led him to pursue a Master's degree in Religious Studies from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT in 2007 while continuing his archaeological endeavors. His archaeological work has been published in several books and articles, and his working relationships include the Yale University Art Gallery, Yale’s Department of Egyptology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Tennessee, and University of Hartford.

Eric’s most recent work is inspired by his love of history, literature, and nature. He is currently the Senior Conservation Assistant at the Yale Center for British Art and a member of the Salmagundi Club NYC. Eric resides in Southington, CT with his wife Heather.

Artist Statement

My art attempts to convey the essence of a moment, the intangible “something” that words struggle to define and that makes a moment profound. I believe that the intrigues of this world are nothing but playful dances between light and shadow…physically, spiritually, and metaphorically. Therefore, successfully portraying the tug of war between light and shadow is essential to accomplishing my goal as an artist.

Working in thin, translucent glazes allows certain areas of my work to glow while at the same time creating spatial depth. This push and pull of lights and darks, of foreground and background, and of selective detail within a composition allows me to steer the viewer’s eye into particular visual passages in a specific order. In the end, it is my goal for the viewer to experience the essence that I feel makes a moment worthy of depiction.