Eric Stegmaier
Life and Death diptych
(left) "Days of Merriment and Wonder"
(right) "Deconstructing the Physical Realm of the Human Experience"

(photo credit: Clinton Deckert)
oil on panel
each panel 36" x 18"
The painting on the left is a narrative about life, focusing on the unfiltered excitement of viewing the world through the eyes of a child. The ship in the background symbolizes the journey of life as it sails toward death. The painting on the right is a narrative on the precise moment of death, when the human mind begins the deconstruction of its physical experience.

This piece is the subject of an amazing song written and performed by Nate Donnis (The Donnis Trio, Rodello's Machine). Check it out here!

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(photo credit: Clinton Deckert)
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